"...that shows in their effortlessly complex arrangements and their crisp unity" - No Depression

You might find yourself hooked on The Creak for life.” -San Francisco Chronicle

"A really great album...hilarious artwork" -Americana Rock Mix

"This album showcases the exciting energy, creative artistry, and ear-catching songs that made this group a winner" -California Bluegrass Association Breakdown

“The Creak bring a joi de vivre to their music that is, unfortunately, all too rare” -Adobe and Teardrops

The Creak raised over $5,000 on Kickstarter to record their second album

Winners of the 2012 Bluegrassin' in the Foothills Emerging Artist award

The Creak has been featured on KALX Berkeley 90.7FMWMNF 88.5American Rock MixFamily Reunion Country, and Broken Whiskey Glass


And of course, our favorite review:

"The group that followed them defies description, but I'll try. The magazine Bluegrass Unlimited has a category in its CD review section called "On the Edge," which I interpret as having gone so far from traditional bluegrass that they are in danger of falling off the edge into something completely different. The Creak is such a band, playing what might be considered "newgrass" or maybe "jamgrass." In any event, if you like that sort of thing you'd enjoy this band, because they were very skillful. It's just not my cup of moonshine, and I went back to the motor home for a break." (http://www.dickestel.com/goodoldfash13.htm)